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Week 12 - Getting Ready for Vancouver and Shipping Black Friday

Action Items From This Week:

  1. Launch the Black Friday Sale - This went really well in one aspect and not so well in another. Sales for the weekend were $1700 which is really great. Average income per week is usually around $700. That being said, none of the advertisements that I put up seemed to work? At first I thought it was because of that grace period that Facebook ads need to gain traffic. But I think something just didn't mesh well with the software I was using for setting up the ads (Shopify). I'll figure out how to properly run ads in the coming weeks.
  2. Vancouver Select - Name tags are done, score cards are done, registrations have been finalized. Now I just need signage for things like wifi, solving stations etc.
  3. More finances - I continued to try and sort out some of the Wave items. This is not finished though and won't be for a while. I still want to sort out true profit margins. True costs of Vancouver Select Winter. But those are both gradual and in progress.

Problem & Challenges:

This week was a lot more stable. A lot more clear for what I needed to do. Which was sell puzzles for Black Friday and prepare for Vancouver. I didn't have too many problems that need addressing, that weren't already addressed (thanks for meeting Rachel!). We'll see what the next week brings with Vancouver Select Winter 2018.

Action Items Planned for Next Week

  1. Vancouver Select - I'll be running this competition on Sunday. I still need to send out emails, organize the volunteers and print out additional papers. Hopefully sales at the competition will echo sales that we had in the past. Around $25 per competitor.
  2. Ads - Set up ads for remainder of the holiday season. I'd like to spend a little bit of money to see how much traffic can be generated.
  3. Purchase next stock order - A brand new puzzle just came out and I'd like to have it asap. So I need to place a stock order this week.

Company Updates, News and Successes for the Week

$1700 in Black Friday sales. This is up 63% YoY. Surprisingly there wasn't an increase in users on the site, only an increase in the amount they spent and the amount of users that converted to customers.

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