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Week 5 - Vancouver and Onwards

Action Items From This Week:

  1. Wrapping up Vancouver Select 2018 cubing competition - In progress a. Once the competition finished I need to recount inventory, send emails to winners and write a summary with the World Cube Association delegate b. This is not fully wrapped up, sending emails is quite wrapped up and I'd like to find a way to do this a bit better.
  2. Pick up the new inventory and put it on the site - In progress a. We had to go pick up the new stock from the airport, put the puzzles up on the site, and ship out a bunch of new orders b. I still do not have a smooth process for putting new cubes on the site. I kind of dread doing this every time. It's labourious and takes a lot of time.
  3. Organizing Niagara Select Winter 2018 cubing competition - Fell through a. The venue ended up responding too late and we missed out deadline to book the competition by year's end. I am going to move on to booking Vancouver.

Problem & Challenges:

  1. Work/Life Balance a. The toughest thing for me this was finding a balance. Flying all over the place is pretty tiring and having to find my feet when I land back is very difficult. b. I'd like to know of strategies to travel, be productive, and not burnout.
  2. Event Planning a. This Vancouver competition showed me the potential profits of running competitions. It's opened my eyes a bit to what I can and should be doing. b. In an upcoming mentor meeting I'd like to clarify all of my ideas with mentors and see if they think this is a good idea and direction to go in. Once that's determined I'd like their opinions on turning event planning into a well oiled machine.

Action Items Planned for Next Week

  1. Finish wrapping up Vancouver Select - The wrap up needs to be done ASAP while it's still fresh in everyones minds. This consists of simply emailing the competitors and the delegate.
  2. Schedule a venue for Vancouver Select Winter 2018 - In order for me to book myself up with competitions I am going to need to work well in advance of the competition dates.
  3. Come up with an accounting solution - I still need to finish finding an accounting solution. That did not get done this week. It is continuously pushed off.

Contacts or Resources Needed

  1. Advice on selling to corporate clients - I have the structure in place to support corporate sales but am not sure as to how to sell to them, communicate with them, etc.

Company Updates, News and Successes for the Week

  1. Vancouver went well. $3000 in revenues. Sales from BC have been up on the site following the competition.
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