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Week 8 - We're booked and on the books!

Action Items From This Week:

  1. Plan Vancouver Select Winter - Everything is booked, about to be announced. This competition is moving along really well. This is mostly due to the fact that I now know the community out there and I know the venue.
  2. Book Quebec City Select 2018 - This one has been really difficult. We keep finding venues that just don't fit the budget or aren't available. I still plan on closing this but it is becoming increasingly difficult.
  3. Set up Wave accounting - Wave has finally been set up! Woohoo! I will be booking a meeting with Rachel later this weeks for tips and strategies on using it. I'm pretty impressed with how the product looks but there have been a few issues with it accounting for transactions.
  4. Determine the true profitability of a competition when man hours are accounted for - I've created a doc and have started keeping track of all the hours I have put into planning the competition. This will help in accounting for the true cost of competitions.

Problem & Challenges:

  1. Wave - Setting up Wave has been nice but also challenging, it seems as though I need to plan how I bank around how I track. In the sense that I shouldn't make any purchases with PayPal, it should all be in one area. I need to be more diligent in using one credit card and one account.

  2. Booking Venues - This is persisting to be a problem in Quebec. Booking a venue is becoming very difficult. I'm not sure how to solve this issue, except by finding venues in each major city in Canada that are suitable and keeping a list of them somewhere so that we can continue to call them up.

Action Items Planned for Next Week

  1. Order Apparel - Merchandise and apparel is highly requested at each competition that we attend. I need to order this and design it before weeks end.
  2. Book Quebec City Select 2018 - This is still on the chopping block for things that need to get done. Mathieu and I have finalized a schedule and the delegate Sarah has agreed to be flown out there. Just need a venue.
  3. Get the entire general journal in order for 2018 - Now that I have Wave set up, I need to utilize it before my enthusiasm for it fades. I also need to make a plan for how to upkeep it in the future.

Contacts or Resources Needed

Advice on accounting - which I am receiving from Rachel!

Company Updates, News and Successes for the Week

No crazy updates besides sales trending quite nicely and the finalization of Vancouver Select Winter 2018 which I am very excited for!

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