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Most Popular Cubes, Brands and Types of Puzzles in June 2017

June sales on CANcube were actually quite good considering that summer is usually relatively slow. Sales saw an uptick of approximately 150% which is great news as it means I can keep updating the store’s inventory and keep improving upon the store by investing in other resources. Our most recent stock order arrived in the last week of May, selling out around ⅔ of that stock throughout June. These great numbers are most likely due to our Canada 150 sale which saw amazing support from cubers all across Canada!


As June came to a close, I thought it’d be pretty interesting to share a quick sales analysis on which cubes were the most popular. I sorted them by type of puzzle, colour of plastic, and manufacturer. It’s a constant debate online over which manufacturers are better, MoYu or QiYi, which colour of plastic people prefer, black, white or stickerless, and which flagship puzzle is really the best, the GANS Air, the Valk 3 or the GTS2M. While I can’t necessarily provide definitive answers to these questions, I can definitely let the sales speak for themselves.

Which Colour of Plastic is the Most Popular?

Something I’ve always been conflicted with since I first got into cubing in 2012 is which colour of plastic I prefer to solve on. I started with white, quickly switching to stickerless, followed by Force Cubes for a few years, and now I’ve made the complete rounds and landed back on black puzzles. I asked Reddit a few days ago which colour they preferred, the results were 39% black, 35% stickerless, 17% white and 9% were indifferent or chose a different colour. Despite these numbers, black plastic puzzles actually accounted for 71.2% of CANcube sales in June, stickerless saw 19.7% and white was chosen 9.1% of the time.


Which Type of Puzzle is the Most Popular?

This pull of data will be slightly restricted as I don’t sell all types of puzzles and therefore cannot represent all of the possibilities. Despite that, we do cover the bases in terms of WCA puzzles and everything from 2x2-7x7 as well as the minxes and some others. I’m pretty sure that everyone can guess that the 3x3 is the best selling puzzle, but I was surprised to see the margin by which it beat everything else. Seeing as 3x3, 2x2 and pyraminx have the most registrations at competitions and tend to be adopted by cubers in the early stages of their addiction, I’m not surprised that these 3 puzzle types were the fan favourites.



Which Cube Manufacturer is the Most Popular?

Growing up using a Dayan Zhanchi, it was sad to see such an iconic brand lose its spot as the top dog. The sun has set on Dayan and moved to new companies such as QiYi, MoYu and Yuxin. With the release of the Valk 3 and the WeiLong GTS, MoYu and QiYi have been battling it out over competitive cubers’ hearts. I personally prefer the Valk 3 as I find that I can control them better but definitely see the appeal in the speed of the GTS. The results of this data didn’t surprise me all that much, QiYi being slightly more popular than MoYu, but the MoYu sub-brands, YJ and MoFang JiaoShi, more than making up for that.


The GTS Takes the Cake

So following all of that, even though QiYi outsold MoYu, the WeiLong GTS2M was still the best selling puzzle of June. This does actually make sense considering that it is a much newer puzzle and that it contains the highly coveted “magnetic positioning system” that everyone is so excited about.


Hopefully this proved to be somewhat interesting to you, it definitely was something cool for me to dive into! I’ll almost definitely be doing more of these in the future as well as potentially making video content to accompany it. If you want to pick up any of these puzzles, please feel free to check out our store, or contact me if you have any questions. Au revoir and happy cubing!

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