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CANcube is moving locations!

You read that right, finally we're able to upgrade to a proper business location. As of today 2021-05-24 CANcube will be moving all of our product to our new warehouse location, this process will likely take around 1 to 1½ weeks. 

Moving locations will enable CANcube to increase it's effeciency tenfold. Now we will be able to hire a much larger team, bring in much more inventory, and focus on creating more content and website upgrades to keep everyone informed on what's new in the cubing world! Over the past year we've ran into a lot of problems with Covid, mainly do to lack of staffing and lockdowns, with this new location I hope to end any and all glitches/hiccups in the order fufillment stage. I'm excited to show you all what we have to offer in the coming months :)

How will this effect my order?

While we move, delays will be inevitible. We know that shutting order down completely isn't going to do any good, so instead we will be moving and staffing in variouis stages in order to allow for continued fufillment of orders; though we do expect delays still, your order should only be pushed back by 1 business day.

(This blog post was made quickly on a mobile device, please ignore any grammatical errors. Thank you for reading and your continued support, we couldn't have made it this far without amazing cubers and customers like yourself. See you all in a week when we're back in full swing!)


Update as of 2021-06-15:

Things took a lot longer then expected but we're all set and done now! Thank you everyone for your continous patience and support :)




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Jo - June 15, 2021

Are you ready?

Ahmad Abdelkader - June 15, 2021

Nice! Cannot wait for the future of CANCUBE

Ryan Brisebois - May 26, 2021

WOOHOO!! Congrats guys!!!! 👏 Excited to see what the future holds. Also visit a store front would be awesome!! Good luck with the move!

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