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CANcube is experiencing a LARGE influx customer support requests, please expect delays.
CANcube is experiencing a LARGE influx customer support requests, please expect delays.


They're actually here!

It's official! After a month and a half of hard work and patience, we have finally set up the store for sale! We have added a wide variety of popular and new cubes such as:

- The Hays 7 M and non M

- The Valk2 M

- The MF3RS3 M and non M

- The GAN X IPG Numerical

- The MoYu Aofu M

- The MGC V2 M 

- and much, much more!

[Maple, along with a secret project ;) are on there way as well, stay tuned]

*Important Shipping Notice*

As of now, shipping is going to be a little bit hectic, the next 10 days will be occupying our time and keeping us from shipping items.

Here is the schedule:

All packaged ordered before March 7th will be shipped out on March 6th and 7th. Packages ordered after this time will be processed and then shipped out on the 18th of March.

after the 18th of March shipping will be back to normal!


Website Updates:

The site is 96% complete, we have a few more issues to iron out, and some new features to finish. None of these changes will disrupt the customers experience on the website, unlike the previous changes. 

(Our website is constantly updated, but major changes and updates will always be listed to keep customers in the loop)



Thanks for the constant support everyone :)


Garrett and the Cancube Team


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