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Update 1.1 : Very breif update

Hey everyone, as the end of August quickly comes to a close; I thought I'd run over some things that we've been working on / completed this quarter that benefit you as a consumer. All through our website certainly isn't polished up yet, I can assure you we're working very hard to make the interface as clean and as user friendly as possible. 

As of August, we've had some very cool new features added to the website, most notably:

- Swatches: Now you can see the variant color of the puzzle you're purchasing.


- New Logo Feature: Now when you purchase lube service on a cube, you have the option to have one of our proffesianals apply the CANcube Logo, or leave the default cube logo.

- Cubicle Labs + Angstrom Lubes: are making a reappearance! Now you can lube your cubes on the go and before competition, without worry of poor preformance. 
We've also found that it's much easier to add lubricant to pass the free shipping threshold, over choosing a budget puzzle you don't want/already have

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