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Monster Go 3x3 (Magnetic)

Color: Stickerless

Monster Go is GAN's new sub-brand of cubes. Offered as a budget-friendly/educational option to the original GAN line.

The Monster Go 3x3 has a lot to offer with a price that fits just in that wallet-friendly sweet spot. Out of the box: the cube is buttery smooth and controllable, with strong, tactile magnets. it features the same hexagonal molding as the GAN 356 X S, creating a spongey turning feel, and assisting in spreading lubricant evenly. While experimenting, we found that even during high TPS (with an aggressive turning style) the cube would rarely catch. The Monster Go 3x3 uses Numerical IPG, allowing for quick and accurate tensioning by hand.

Feel:  Buttery Smooth
Speed:   Controllable
Weight:   115g (125g with box)
Magnets:  Factory Magnetized (strong)
Size:  56.0mm³