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The Limeback GTS2M 3x3

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Colour of Plastic

The Limeback GTS2M is a new limited release premium speedcube. We teamed up with legendary Canadian speedcuber Eric Limeback to perfect his favourite speedcube, the GTS2.

Although Eric needs no introduction, we're going to do so anyways. Eric first began solving cubes in 2007 at the age of 14. Within 5 months he had placed top 25 in Canada. His record of accomplishments soon became so long, that we're going to need a list for them all:

This list of accomplishments barely skims the surface of what Eric has brought to the cubing community, attending over 60 competitions, presenting at schools, and always being open to giving out tips. 

What does it feel like?

Now, on to the feel of the puzzle. Eric likes his cubes fast. Almost shockingly so. We've magnetized this puzzle to his prefered medium strength as to allow you to control this cube, while still maintaining it's speed. If we were to use two words to describe this puzzles it would be smooth and fast. 


This puzzle comes in a brand new premium CANcube box design. Included is your limited ID card to identify which number puzzle you received, and a little note from us and Eric. Oh, and it comes with an amazing logo sticker.

Just how limited?

We are only releasing 5 of this puzzle! 

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