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Valk Power M 3x3

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Colour of Plastic: Black

The Valk Power 3x3 M is QiYi's newest take on a flagship 3x3. The internals of this puzzle greatly resemble the original Valk despite the use of primary plastic and a strengthened core. With phenomenal corner cutting, and high quality plastic, the aspect that sets this puzzle apart is its soft, smooth feel. Unlike the Valk 3, the Valk Power's plastic is incredibly soft and not clacky. The magnets in this puzzle provide a nice tactile feedback and add controllability without compromising feel. Maple version is also offered if you are looking for one that is competition ready.

Type: 3x3
Cube Size: 55.5mm³
Stock Shades: Stock (Black), Stock (White), Stickerless (Bright)
Feel: Smooth and stable
Weight: 94.4g

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