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Qiyi Valk 3 M 3x3

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The Valk3 M. It's the Valk3, with Magnets! One of those classic flagships speedcubes that you'll never forget, The Valk 3 was a small and stable cube that many cubers took to be their main. The Valk3 Factory M is the same classic puzzle we love, but with medium-strength magnets to compete with custom magnetized Valk3's. No longer do you have to pay luxury prices for a magnetic version, or wait 6-14 days for them to be produced, now with one click you can have the puzzle of your dreams shipped out immediately, You heard us, Right now! Immediately! 

Type: 3x3
Cube Size: 55.5mm³
Stock Shades: Black (Stock), Stickerless (Bright)
Feel: Stable and smooth
Weight: 85.0g
Color: Stickerless

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