Maple Weipo WRM

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The Maple Weipo WRM is competition ready: magnetized, lubricated and tensioned.

How were they set up?

These were set up to our liking with the use of both heavyweight and water-based lubricants to achieve a fast but controllable feel. The lube was broken in to reduce gumminess and ensure that your cube is good to go right out of the box. The Weipo WRM's are medium to high speed. Due to shipping, you may need a solve or two before your puzzle hits max performance.

May or may not be lubed with maple syrup

How strong are the magnets? 

The Weipo WRM's magnets are Medium strength. they provide sufficient stability, but aren't very tactile while turning.

What does it come with?

The Weipo WRM comes with an accessory box that contains: a screwdriver, spare magnets, a MoYu pamphlet/trading cards, as well as a Maple Authentication Card.

When will they ship?

Usually, we will ship out within one business day, but in the case that we have no premade cubes; it may take 2 business days in order to create and ship out your Maple Cube.

Feel:  Buttery smooth, w/ clacky undertone + great puzzle grip
Speed:  Medium-Fast
Cube-Size:  50mm x 50mm
Stock Shades:  MoYu half brights
Magnetic:  Yes