Maple WRM

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These premium Maple WRMs are competition ready: magnetized, lubricated and tensioned.

How were they set up?

These were set up to our liking with the use of both heavy weight and thin lubricants to achieve a fast but controllable feel. The lube was broken in to reduce gumminess and ensure that your cube is good to go right out of the box. The WRMs are medium speed, not too fast, not too slow. That being said, due to shipping, you may need a solve or two before it hits max performance.

May or may not be lubed with maple syrup.

How strong are the magnets? 

As of now, Stock Magentic WRM's are used for setup. So the magnets are on the lighter side. While still noticeable in feel and stability, the WRM isn't as tactile as the GTS3 M, but is just as controllable!

What does it come with?

Included in the box are some MoYu pamphlets, spare parts and tools, as well as a Maple Letter of Authenticity. This will ensure that if you have any major issues, we can verify that your puzzle is in fact a Maple cube and we can help you work towards a solution.

When will they ship?

There are only a limited release of these puzzles but they are ready to go and will ship right away. 

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