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CANcube is an online cube store based out of Ontario, Canada. We work to serve the cubing community by providing a wide variety of puzzles, quick shipping and excellent customer service. We are rapidly expanding and constantly seeking to make improvements to the service that we provide. Although CANcube's primary goal is to provide for Canadian cubers we also serve our sibling community and ship to the United States!


In 2014, CANcube was founded by Alex Keats to provide Canadians with a way to get puzzles quickly and inexpensively. He started cubing in 2010 when he was 13 years old. After developing a passion for the puzzle he quickly noticed a gap in the community, ordering puzzles to Canada resulted in expensive shipping that could take weeks to arrive. To solve this issue he opened the original Canadian cube store, E3cubesCanada. After 3 years of running that business he decided to start something new and created CANcube. As of now, in 2019, Cancube has been passed on to Garrett Collins. In order to continue growing CANcube's market into the future, and to keep selling cubes the Canadian way we know, and love!