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You’re a company. You probably do some marketing. You probably do some selling. But how can you turn a face-to-face into a sale? A lead into a customer? Through CANcube Custom, we’re here to help by offering a new and unique, branded product.

This 3x3 cube is an iconic symbol of intelligence and problem solving that is perfect for representing your core values and mission statement. Associate your brand with innovation and be seen as a thought leader in your field.


Through CANcube Custom, we specialize in providing custom-branded puzzles for corporate marketing campaigns and events. We offer custom colour schemes, logos, designs, and packaging to provide a comprehensive and seamless client experience.

Compared to the predictable pens, lanyards, and usb drives accepted reluctantly by clients and potential customers, a puzzle stands out. A cube is a desk piece; it not only represents innovation and intelligence, but serves as a long-term advertisement.