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Inbound Inventory

Item List:

Yuxin Timer V2
Yuxin Little Magic SQ-1  M
Yuxin Little Magic 6x6 M
Yuxin Little Magic 4x4 M
Yuxin little Magic 3x3
Yuxin Little Magic 3x3 V2M
Yuxin Huanglong pyraminx M
QiYi Bell Pyraminx V1
QiYI Wingy Skewb
QiYi Volt SQ-1 Full Magnetic
QiYI Valk 3 Elite
QiYi Valk 4 M standard version
QiYi Valk 3 M
QiYIi Timer
QiYi MS Pyraminx
QiYi Cubing Mat
QiYi Ivy Cube
QiYi Coin Pyraminx
QiYi 8x8
QiYi 9x9
QiYi MP 2x2 M
QiYI MP 3x3 M
QiYi MP 4x4 M
QiYi MP 5x5 M
QiYi MP Pyraminx M
MoYu RS 2M
MoYu RS 4M
MoYu Meilong Rediminx
MoYu Meilong 2x2
MoYu Weilong GTS 3M
MoYu Aoyan Skewb
MoYu Meilong 8x8
MoYu Meilong Kilominx
MoYu Meilong 7x7
MoYu Aosu WRM 4x4 M
MoYu Weilong Maglev 3x3
MoYu Weilong 2021 Standard version
MoYu RS3M Maglev
MoYu Meilong Meaminx M
Gan Pyraminx standard
Gan Pyminx explorer
Gan PYraminx Enhanced
Gan I Carry
Gan Timer
Gan Megaminx
Gan 12 M Leap
Gan 12 Maglev Frosted
Gan 12 Maglev UV
Gan 11 Pro Frosted (Stickerless Primary and Stickerless Black)
MS 3L Enhanced
MS 3L Standard
Dayan Tengyun 2x2 M Plus

Arrival has been slow this shipment, we have faced a lot of delays up until this point. We are expecting arrival next week sometime. Unfortunately this has been out of our control.