Get sponsored by CANcube!

CANcube offers a wide range of ways to further your cubing career and join Canada’s largest cubing “family”.  From sponsoring giveaways, to competing in competitions we’ve done it all. But one thing has been missing from us, something everyone has been asking for but got nothing in response.

      CANcube Sponsorships:

We’ve been eager to start working with content creators in order to help them thrive in the cubing community, while also supporting the love for CANcube. The sponsorship program is a hard to achieve but well earned title, that supports those who love to make cubing related content, and want to show what CANcube has to offer! Sponsors will be asked to stay up to date with the cubing community, and stay active with their brand. Posting videos at minimum, once a month. We also look for loyal individuals who believe that they belong with CANcube and not people who wish to abuse their title. In return, Sponsors will have the role of testing cubes regularly sent to them in order to give a fair insight into the product! (and ofcourse to expand that collection) along side of this, their will be other rewards, such as fan discount codes, content features on the main website + more.

How to get sponsored

Our goal with the Sponsorship program is to create a fair and equal environment, so that everyone has a shot at being sponsored Some people may have a smaller following at the time of application, but show extreme talent and promising content that puts them above others . That being said, there is a guideline that will be followed in order to assess most members

 Averages around 500 views per video

Has a minimum of 3000 followers

Has a very minimum of 2000 subcribers

Averages 1000 likes minimum

Creates entertaining and informative cubing videos

Posts regularly 

Has an active fan base

Has an active community

Videos are clean and high quality

Posts are clean and high quality

Wants to support and grow with CANcube

Wants to support and grow with CANcube


How do I sign up?

If you think you’re ready, we encourage you to contact us at (support@cancube.ca)

When you email us, be sure to include:

  • -Your full name
  • -Your date of birth
  • -The main media that you post on
  • (I.E. Youtube or Instagram,
  • preferably both) with links.
  • - A brief description
  • about you, and why you think we
  • should sponsor you!


Good luck!

The CANcube Team

(Guidelines are subject to change if deemed necessary) (Not all will get a response back do to lack of requirements on applicants side) (Fitting all requirements does not guarantee you entry into the program, responses can sometimes take long periods of time, due to assessment of your channel or page)