Team CANcube

Team CANcube
Your Speedcubers. Your Country. Your Team.
Welcome to the Pro Scene.
A family of Speedcubers who all share the same interest and passion for the cubing community. Team CANcube is a carefully selected group of Speedcubers who practice hard to be the best of the best, and show what CANcube is all about! Team members are required to attend as many competitions in their area as possible, and always go for gold! In turn, our members will receive: (Free cubes, to make sure they never get dragged down by old hardware, free merchandise, a fan discount code, sweet Team CANcube Jersey’s + more!) We want hardworking Speed Solvers to be recognized and show Canada what we’re all about. That's why we want to inspire others to continue growing the Canadian Cubing community; and bring it the attention it’s always deserved.
Team CANcube is all about rewarding those who work harder than everyone else to be the best. To make sure this happens, we made a “guideline of acceptance” that must be followed in order to apply for Team CANcube:
  • You must be able to attend, at a minimum, 80% of competitions in their area.
  • We ask that you are averaging (for any one event):
  • 2x2: Sub 3
  • 3x3: Sub 10
  • 4x4: Sub 40
  • 5x5: Sub 1:20
  • 6x6: Sub 2:30
  • 7x7: Sub 4:00
  • Pyraminx: Sub 4
  • Skewb: Sub 6
  • OH: Sub 18
  • Megaminx: Sub 1:20
  • Square-1: Sub 20
  • Clock: Sub 15
       We hope to find people who can meet either:
        A. Half of these requirements or more
       B. Specialize in a select few events with exceptional skill
        We are also looking for people that have some sort of ties in the speedcubing community, or is willing to converse or cube with others in order to create a friendly and fun environment. This is not a requirement, but is a good trait we look for.
            We can’t wait to work with everyone to create the Team CANcube Speedsolving division and take the speedcubing scene by storm!  (All applications that fit these requirements will be evaluated, but there is no assurance that your application will not be selected)