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MoYu GTS3 WRM 3x3

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Color: Stickerless

The WRM is the "Big brother" to the GTS 3M, it features the same mechanism and plastic feel as the GTS 3M, with some small but necessary upgrades; Removed Ridges, Added an extra setting for tensioning (Previously was 8 settings, is now 9) and also features light magnets. The WRM is a very fast cube out of the box and is better suited for high TPS solvers. The cube is very fluid when solving fast, but can slightly lock when pausing mid-solve or slowing down TPS. The Magnets keep the cube stable but do not provide as tactile a click, as the previous stronger magnets.

Feel: Crispy and Smooth
Speed:  Very Fast
Cube Size: 55.5mm x 55.5mm
Stock Stickers: MoYu Half Brights
Magnetic: Yes

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