MoYu GTS3 WRM 3x3


The WRM is the "Big brother" to the GTS 3M, it features the same mechanism and plastic feel as the GTS 3M, with some small but necessary upgrades; Removed Ridges, Added an extra setting for tensioning (Previously was 8 settings, is now 9) and also features light magnets. The WRM is a very fast cube out of the box and is better suited for high TPS solvers. The cube is very fluid when solving fast, but can slightly lock when pausing mid-solve or slowing down TPS. The Magnets keep the cube stable but do not provide as tactile a click, as the previous stronger magnets.

Feel: Crispy and Smooth
Speed:  Very Fast
Cube Size: 55.5mm x 55.5mm
Stock Stickers: MoYu Half Brights
Magnetic: Yes

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