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GAN 11 M Pro 3x3

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$84.99 - $91.99
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The GAN 11 M Pro is GAN’s upcoming magnetic flagship 3x3 of 2020. Built with an omnidirectional magnetic core, and the industry’s first corner-core magnetic positioning system. In addition to the 48 traditionally placed magnets, the GAN 11 M Pro features 8 pairs of magnets branching from the core to each corner piece. This magnetic positioning system creates a consistent magnetic feel that provides tremendous control without adding too much tactility.

Magnet strength:
The Omnidirectional magnetic core can be interchanged for lighter or stronger magnetic strength. Like its predecessor the GAN 356 XS, the corner magnets can be easily adjusted with the flick of a switch [Between light, moderate, and strong]. 

Comes with:

  • GAN 11 M Pro
  • A completely re-designed and easier-to-open box
  • GAN Cube bag
  • GAN Pamphlet
  • Spare GES with adjustment tool
  • Alternative strength magnets for core
  • Screwdriver
  • GAN VIP Card

The dual adjustment system, as used in the popular GAN 356 XS. Use the included adjustment tool to set elasticity to 6 different levels. Tension by hand to 4 different settings with the smaller blue nut. 

New Exterior "Finishes":
The "Soft" finish is a super soft, rubber feel similar to some computer accessories but does not offer a very good grip. Available exclusively with "primary" plastic internals.

The "UV Coated" finish is a high-gloss, grippy feel that is more resistant against scratching and is available exclusively with "primary" plastic internals.

The "Frosted" finish is what has been used on recent GAN releases and is available with either "primary" or "black" plastic internal pieces.

Type: 3x3
Cube Size: 56.0mm³
Stock Shades: Stickerless (black), stickerless (Bright)
Feel: Varying
Weight: 63.0g


Color: Stickerless (Black)

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