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MoYu HuaMeng YS3M 3x3

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$19.99 - $49.99
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Released in early 2023, the HuaMeng YS3 is MoYu's response to a market filled with expensive and accessory-driven puzzles. The HuaMeng uses a 'dragon scale' plastic pattern to reduce surface sticking and create a smooth solving experience. It's compact, features incredible corner cutting, and has speed that's very reminiscent of past legendary flagships. Equipped with a classic screw tensioning system, easy elasticity adjustment, and one set of none intrusive magnets. The YS3 keeps it simple, in the best possible way.


Magnetic: Just as described above! The classic MoYu experience.

Maglev:  No more spring noise. Maglev puzzles use repelling magnets to tension the puzzle, without the friction of springs. This creates a puzzle that's faster and requires less maintenance.  

Ballcore: The Ballcore uses 'Corner to Core' magnets to help control the additional speed that comes with Maglev puzzles. These 'Corner to Core' magnets provide the perfect amount of control, without adding unnecessary magnetic feel/strength to the outer pieces. 

Type: 3x3
Cube Size: 55.0mm³
Feel: Smooth and fast
Weight: 76-80-83g (Depending on version)
Color: Stickerless
Type: Magnetic

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