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MoYu Rediminx

Color: Stickerless

The MoYu Rediminx is the perfect mix of Megaminx and Redi Cube! The MoYu Rediminx is a fun challenge that will re-ignite your love for Non-WCA puzzles. the Rediminx uses corner rotation and Sledge (R' L R L') to provide a quick and intuitive solving experience, while still challenging the solver. This Puzzle requires little experience to learn, and is one of our personal favourite Non-WCA puzzles. (That means we actually solved a Non-WCA for once ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ)

Feel: Scratchy until break-in, and stable
Speed: Slow
Cube Size: uhhh.. Big... :D (Dimensions coming soon)
Magnetic: No

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