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Valk 4 M 4x4

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$52.99 - $52.99
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Color: Black
Magnets: Strong

The Valk 4 M 4x4 is the first 4x4 release of the Valk line. It is actually slightly smaller than other 4x4s making it easier to hold and solve. Like other cubes in the Valk line, the magnets provide stability and consistency to solves while excelling at corner cutting. These features make it a great competitive choice when compared to other popular 4x4s.


"Strong" indicates strong strength magnets.

"Standard" indicates medium strength magnets.

Type: 4x4
Cube Size: 60.0mm³
Stock Shades: Stock (black), Bright (stickerless)
Feel: Smooth and crunchy
Weight: 142g

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