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Weipo WRM 2x2

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The Weipo makes an astounding reclaim to fame as Moyu releases the first 2x2 of the WRM line. The cube is fast and incredibly smooth straight out of the box, featuring 6: 'N35' magnets per corner; providing a tactile bump as-well-as controllability similar to the Valk 2M. MoYu featured a slightly hollowed-out mechanism to the Weipo WRM in order to keep it light (Which it definitely is) and used MoYu-half-bright shades to help with colour contrasts during solves. Note that the cube has a glossy coating which significantly increases grip on the puzzle, unlike other finishes we have felt on 2x2's (We hope MoYu continues to use this in the future.)

Type: 2x2
Cube Size: 50.0mm³
Stock Shades: Bright (stickerless)
Feel: Buttery smooth, and clacky undertone
Weight: 63.2g
Color: Stickerless