YuXin Little Magic 4x4 M


The YuXin Little Magic 4x4 M is dry O.O.T.B [out of the box] but keeps a smooth and spongey feel regardless. YuXin's modern design has allowed for aggressive turning styles to be used with no drawbacks; we have yet to see a lock or pop even with tensions being quite loose. Catching on this cube is very minimal, even compared to the highest end 4x4's, Alg's on the YLM 4x4 are executed with fluidity and hardly any resistance when corner-cutting. The magnets are medium strength, keeping the cube stable but do not provide as much tactile feedback as other magnetic 4x4's.

On a side note; the inner layer magnets are stronger and more tactile than the exterior layers, but again are not noticeable during a solve.

Feel: Smooth
Speed: Fast
Cube Size: 60mm³
Stock Shades: Fullbright
Magnetic: Yes